The Case You Never Knew You Needed

We believe in enhancing your daily life with products that make a difference. Our phone cases are designed with a built-in sprayer that offers the perfect blend of functionality and fashion, tailored for everyone – from busy professionals and trendsetters to fitness enthusiasts and parents on the move. Discover a new level of convenience and flair.


As the leader in safe and effective solutions for phone and personal protection, we have made it our goal to develop a product line to meet the needs of today’s mobile consumers. From our innovative design we have provided customers with the first and only phone case with a built-in, refillable, sprayer.


SURIV is laser focused on creating products that represent the forward moving trends of the future. Our Spray Phone Case is our flagship product at the forefront of even greater ideas to come. So stay tuned for more intuitive ideas on traditional products.

Want To Collaborate?

We're always on the lookout for ways to enhance, innovate, and partner with our amazing community. Your ideas and questions matter to us! Whether you've got a brilliant concept to share or just want to chat about the SURIV phone case, we're all ears. Let's make innovation happen together – reach out and let's start the conversation