iPhone 14 SURIV Spray Case

Elevate your phone experience with our groundbreaking Spray Case, redefining phone accessories with its sleek, lightweight design that offers unparalleled comfort and usability. Crafted for the modern lifestyle, this game-changing case features a built-in sprayer, transforming it into your go-to essential for staying fresh on the go. It's compatible with a variety of liquids and gels including hand sanitizer, your favorite fragrance, bug repellent, and sunscreen. Designed with premium materials, it's not just stylish but also incredibly durable, designed to thrive in any environment.

Sale price$29.99
Color: Black
Model: iPhone 14

Product Features

Easily Refillable

Safe and convenient to refill with whatever fluid you prefer using our reusable refill cartridge, included with every case.

Ultra-Sleek Design

We kept this design super simple, so you still benefit from all of the typical features of a bullet proof phone case, plus the atomizer.

Spray Locking Capabilities

The atomizer is set up with a lock switch located conveniently on the back of the case as to protect from a misfire.

Reusable Refill Cartridge

Our reusable refill cartridge is made to make using the Suriv phone case easy to use, and simple to try different gels and fluids.

Raised Camera Edges

Our cases have a slight ridge surrounding the camera square on the back of your phone in order to protect against scratching the lenses.

5G Compatible Materials

The materials used in our spray cases are completely compatible with 5G optionality, and will never interfere with your data.

Antimicrobial Properties

The long lasting antimicrobial properties in our spray cases keep the cases safe against unwanted viruses and organisms.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

We include a limited lifetime warranty on our spray cases. Check out our warranties page to learn more about what's covered.